Welcome to Product Innovation

ASPECT Electronics Ltd is an electronics design and consultancy business offering a complete service to clients wishing to realise or enhance products using the latest electronic technology.

We can evaluate your concept, design and prototype the product, then help you migrate it into volume manufacture. For existing products, we can advise how the latest technology can provide improved features, performance and cost benefits, and then implement the optimum solution for you.

We have expertise in a set of leading core technologies which can bring benefits to a wide variety of applications. Coupled with more than 20 years experience of designing and enhancing commercial and industrial products, this gives us the capability to provide excellent solutions for our clients.

Services and Technologies
  • Electronic Design

  • FPGA/CPLD Logic Design

  • Embedded Firmware Development

  • PC Software Development

  • Printed Circuit Board Layout

  • Embedded Microcontrollers

  • FPGA System-On-Chip

  • Digital Signal Processing

  • Analogue Instrumentation

  • GUI & Remote Access Systems

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